Sustainability is our passion and our promise.


From start to finish, every step has been designed with sustainability in mind to ensure a responsible production process.

  • Our materials are sourced locally and much of it from waste
  • All of our substrates are FSC® certified
  • All resins and adhesives are plastic-free
  • All pressing is done on a low heat

Waste & Recycling

We generally don't produce any waste that can't be recycled. We deal with waste responsibly by:
  • Repurposing or designing with multiple uses in mind
  • Choosing materials that can be recycled or reused either by us or elsewhere
  • Handmaking in small batches
  • Packing down and storing efficiently


All members of our team are:

  • Within 30 minutes of the workshop
  • Passionate about sustainability


We ensure that:

  • Minimal journeys are made for material collection by reducing collection dates and planning them efficiently
  • There are lift-share opportunities
  • cycling is encouraged

Packaging and Stationary

We try to send many samples out at a time and our packaging is:

  • Presented in a recycle coffee bean sack for protection
  • Placed in compostable mailer bag
  • Made from recycled paper, we never use vinyl or plastics


We are a circular business which means that:

  • Everything we put out, come back to us
  • We re-use and recycle our own waste
  • We encourage the circularity of other businesses within our own

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